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Author Lumen | 15-08-2018, 12:43

Conception Maiden story: A boy name Minori is awoken from cold sleep(cryostasis) by a mother and her daughter, only to find that a deadly virus wiped out most of humanity, and that the 3 of them are the last living humans on earth (with the exception of an unknown number of other people in cold-sleep pods). The world is also overrunned by "cross-breeds", deadly parasitic life-forms. With just the 3 of them left, humanity faces complete extinction. In order to prevent extinction, Minori must(to his dismay) have sex with the mother and daughter, and impregnate them. Using special technology, pregnancies can be accelerated to full-term, and birthed babies' age can be accelerated to maturity. Then Minori will be forced to impregnate his female offsprings through sex as well. Interestingly, all his offspring are female. Unfortunately for Minori, these girls love sex and want to rebuild the world into his own personal sex-paradise harem. Through this, Minori can increase the human population and use the girls' help to hopefully reach more cold sleep pods before it's too late, as well as take back land from the cross-breeds. ------------------------- This game is a blend of tactical rpg and a side-scrolling platform-based fighting game. The game is played in 3 different main modes: Exploration mode, where you can walk around freely, Command mode, where you use a cursor to select and command units to move on a top-down map(similar to tactical games such as fire emblem), and Battle mode, where you control the character directly and fight the enemy in a side-scrolling fighter/platformer-like view. The game's characters were made with 3DCG and was animated in different ways using mikumiku dance, photoshop, and a "figure" animation system I wrote from scratch. Not just that, I also wrote the game engine from scratch using GM studio. Note though, that is game is still in early development and the engine has only recently become stable. However, there is alot of content, so please give the demo a try!

Conception Maiden by Pizzacat
Conception Maiden by Pizzacat
Conception Maiden by Pizzacat
Conception Maiden by Pizzacat
Conception Maiden by Pizzacat
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