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Author sashko | 15-12-2020, 13:07

Overview: In this game you start playing as a young and successful businessman who has made a fortune not entirely legally. However, illegal business involves a lot of possible problems that our main character will face. Our main character has a best friend named Ashley, with whom they often see and spend time together. At one of these meetings, they together decided to visit the Museum of Historical Values and in this game you will find out what this tour led to.​ 2020-12-15 v0.2: This update is more technical and introductory than gameplay. I made an initial minimal base that will be filled with events with the next updates. Now you can just walk around the locations plus at the end of the prologue you will expect two small events related to the plot but that's all for now. - Redesigned the background now it is darker to make it easier for you to read the text. - Changed the time system after the prologue. - Added settings and the ability to turn on/off the sound(turned on by default). - Added credits names. - Added a stats button. - Added the ability to skip the prologue. - Added an Ashley's apartment with a bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen and bathroom. - Added a functional wardrobe with six types of clothing plus two types of underwear for now. But you will not be able to wear a skirt and dress until the main character reaches the desired level of corruption. - Added a functional mirror with the ability to look at your body and what you are wearing now. - Added a system of energy, arousal and body cleanliness. - Added uptown with a cafe, grocery store, park, and bus stop. - Added the opportunity to eat, drink coffee and get a job in the cafe. At the moment, there are two short repeated events while working in the cafe. - Added the ability to buy food, snacks, and shampoo at the grocery store. - Added various interactions in the park. Some interactions are related to the level of corruption. In this regard, a sports outfit and a swimsuit were added to the wardrobe. You can't wear it, but you can take it with you. - Added a functional TV in the living room. TV has 2 channels: porn and erotica. Added the ability to masturbate when viewing channels at a certain level of arousal. I wanted to add more regular TV channels but then I remembered that I was making a porn game and decided that it would be a waste of time and an unnecessary increase in the size of the game. - Added a bus stop from which you can go to the beach by bus.. - Added a beach where you can swim and sunbathe if you have a swimsuit and also get from there to the nudist beach where you can look at nudists and not only. - Added the location of husband in different locations at different times. There are no interactions with him at the moment. - Added a hint button so you will always know what to do next. - Added the ability to walk to the beach and back at night. Just in case for now. - Added the ability to masturbate in bathroom and bedroom.

Body Exchange - Version 0.2 Prologue by Krio Games Body Exchange - Version 0.2 Prologue by Krio Games Body Exchange - Version 0.2 Prologue by Krio Games Body Exchange - Version 0.2 Prologue by Krio Games Body Exchange - Version 0.2 Prologue by Krio Games Body Exchange - Version 0.2 Prologue by Krio Games
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