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Author sashko | 4-12-2020, 12:03

Overview: Yourlife is a real porn html sandbox game that focuses on a female protagonist. In this game choice matters and the world will react to you differently based on your looks, behavior, traits and choices. The game is not linear and will aim to create an environment where you make your own fun much like other sandbox games but that doesn't mean we won't add some non linear story based content.​ Changelog: YourLife 0.1016 New poistion - Blow job: Now after bringing someone home you can instead of engaging in some doggy style action, go down on them. Plenty of action you can take with different variation to each aciton. If you suck your date's dick there's a chance that he will be overcome with pleasure and forcefully hold your head (the chance of it is doubled with an uncaring date) You can struggle out of his grip and succeed or fail, or just let him do his thing, this would lead to 2 different moneyshot scenes on top of 3 other choices you have when your head is not held down (cum on face, tits, in mouth). More JustFollowers™ features: Now when you post a picture and go to your page you will see the 3 top comments on each post, nude photos will prompt raunchier comments and smoking fetish photo will prompt smoking fetish related comments. Looking to make the page more interactive in the future and for users to leave other comments as well if you have huge tits or your character is a milf. Small changes: -You can shower now in your home and trigger a shower scene (different graphics for each race). -You can use the toilet every day and get a relevant visual for each race. -You can masturbate while watching porn (current visual is a placeholde) -You can now join the online publication "bice" and make some money for now and pass the time until the bar opens. -You can now sit on the bench outside and skip as much time as you'd like -You can now access a cheat menu if your last name is "Mccheaterson" (case sensitive) -Milf profile picture will trigger when the players is 40 or older instead of 30 previously

YourLife v0.1016 by YourLife YourLife v0.1016 by YourLife YourLife v0.1016 by YourLife YourLife v0.1016 by YourLife
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