Download - Back Again v1 by Blauz.

Author Lumen | 27-05-2020, 18:18

The firstborn son of a noble daimyo has fallen from grace and suffered grievious losses help him to pick up his losses in this text adventure with pictures. This is a game in the same setting as Bulls' Run, but a lot less heroic and starting quite differemd. I think it is only fair to warn every potential player that the main character starts after being castrated as a punishment. The character will not remain crippled, of course, but the start is not a happy one, and the horror motives are much more in display than in Bulls' Run. Basically Bulls' RUn is the high fantasy approach to the setting, and this is the horror (as in chtulhoid) approach. I am not a purist when it comes to cthulhoid horror, so the game is about survival and becoming whole (in a transformed way), not suffering, withering and dying in despair.

Back Again v1 by Blauz.
Back Again v1 by Blauz.
Back Again v1 by Blauz.
Back Again v1 by Blauz.
Back Again v1 by Blauz.
Back Again v1 by Blauz.
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