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Author Lumen | 21-02-2021, 12:52
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What's New? Lil''s third shard is now available. You can find it In the new area, the Visseron orc camp. New dialogues have been added for Lil's third shard. Find out even more about her and where she comes from while seeing the effects you actions are having on her. New sprites are visible for Lil. Based on how you've been helping her the cumulative effects of those changes will finally begin to show and they will also reflect in her sex scenes. Have we gotten closer to seeing what Lil truly looked like before her injury? One of three new sex scenes! Lil and Tiamat have some fun engaging in some nipple play, along with dialogue tweaks depending on her current state of mind. New map outlines have been added to show Tiamat's current progress through the world. Area's outlined in gold are under her control while area's outline in grey have yet to be conquered. Area's outline in purple are Lahamu's domain. Ixsy's dialogues have been updated to reflect the current state of the game. Once you've completed Lumon's hearth you can ask ixsy new question and find out more information about her and her people depending on how well your relationship with her is going. The second of three sex scenes. Tiamat and Ixsy have a little fun while Ixsy tries to hold it together in front of a customer! Lumon's hearth has been updated! Learn about the effects Tiamat has had on Lumon's Hearth and its people. Aurora can now be convered with and has several things to say about the current state of Lumon's hearth. Aurora can now change her clothes by talking with Tiamat as well! Nenet also can be talked to about the state of Lumon's Hearth and, depending on the route you took, might be hiding something special. Nenet can now also change her clothes by talking with Tiamat Visseron camp has been unlocked! Third of three new sex scenes. Ishtolba is a ritualistic form of combat that Orcs engage in with each other for dominance and to settle disputes. You'll get the opportunity to take terra on one on one as soon as you get to the camp! The Amulet of Whispers has been implemented. Goddess Tier patrons can now see their messages in game! Along with the amulet, Pixiewillows first apperance as the voice of Ninhursag occurs when you are first introduced to it! The twins Kitlyn and Katala have been implemented. You can find them and learn more about them in the Visseron camp. Justthequeenie also makes her debut as the voice of the twins! First two sections of the Visseron camp have also been implemented The leader of the camp has passed away under mysterious circumstances and its up to Tiamat to figure out what happened to her! Go around meeting the people of the camp, look for clues, and start questioning people to get their stories and lay the groundwork for uncovering the truth of what happened on that faithful day!

Blue Eclipse - Shattered Lands v0.60
Blue Eclipse - Shattered Lands v0.60
Blue Eclipse - Shattered Lands v0.60
Blue Eclipse - Shattered Lands v0.60
Blue Eclipse - Shattered Lands v0.60
Blue Eclipse - Shattered Lands v0.60
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