Download - Threshold - Monster Girl Dreams v23.5b

Author Lumen | 29-11-2020, 14:18
New version

Change log Changes -Standardized the position of stance/targeting buttons for enemies with art. -If you are in exploration or have the Kotone Lover perk you will no longer have the Kotone related events in Aiko’s fight/event. Art -The lizard girl enemy now has art by Applehead. Modding -Changed how monster art Y positioning is changed, you will need to change any you are using until it’s where you want. This change will allow art of all sizes to be moved on the Y axis effectively and be more specific. If your mod has art you will most likely need to change the yposition in the monster girl. Ctrl-f and replace all is your friend. -Added CallLossLevelUp function for loss scenes that intend to keep going after and not send the player to church. Only works if the player has the exp loss perk anyways. -Character Image layer system has been added. Nothing uses it yet but it has been tested, amber has some remaining assets and file stuff. The normal image system works still, this is for if you want to add more in or have special stuff tacked on. Check the mod manual for more details because there’s a lot to just list here. -Added ChangeImageLayer function for the new image layer system. Works very similarly to the existing ChangeImageFor function. If you are interested in the image layer system please look at the mod manual for more details. Fixes -Increased Skill check equation clarity, and the luck dice is now actually based on luck. -Victory scenes in no run fights will no longer make it so you can’t run in a fight directly after. -Fixed issues with toggling kunoichi fights and Shizu’s maso dialogue. Again. -Fixed an issue where old UI assets could still be on screen from old saves. Going to town/updating your save should fix this issue. -Aiko will no longer ice you if you piss her off while she’s stunned in some way. Same with if you run out of energy. -The kunoichi hallway can now be chosen for exploration as it was supposed to be able to. -Fixed an issue with how enemies are read for exploration, eg, tengu harpies becoming Mizuko. -The last page option for removing fetishes should no longer leave the menu. -If you spar with Jora and lose, you are no longer sent to church when you go home. -Fixed an issue with victory scenes that would cause weird shit to happen. -Fixed some enemies in the temple not letting the correct menu dialogue play after combat. -Aiko will now actually use her sex stance move. It’s just to get her out of it so don’t expect a lot. -Fixed an issue with multiple enemy fights and restraints that would crash the game if the enemy who restrained you orgasmed. -Fixed an issue where one of Aiko’s variables wasn’t tracking right when you lost to her wrapped up. -Kunoichi trainee’s can now make you orgasm in the make out stance. -An assortment of typo fixes by WilliamTheShatner and me.

Threshold - Monster Girl Dreams v23.5b
Threshold - Monster Girl Dreams v23.5b
Threshold - Monster Girl Dreams v23.5b
Threshold - Monster Girl Dreams v23.5b
Threshold - Monster Girl Dreams v23.5b
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