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Author Lumen | 17-01-2019, 11:57
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Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include: An explorable, randomly-generated map. Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out. Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed! Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!) Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races! A lot (currently 132 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with. Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns. Lots of sex! ^^ Weekly releases! I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: NPC romance and slavery mechanics. Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea). At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.

Innoxia - Liliths Throne v0.3
Innoxia - Liliths Throne v0.3
Innoxia - Liliths Throne v0.3
Innoxia - Liliths Throne v0.3
Innoxia - Liliths Throne v0.3
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