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Download - Aiee Story v0.0.2 from BoredMan

Author Lumen | 30-12-2017, 10:23
New version

What this project about? Make a kind of living-with, real-time sim with strong sexual content and descent visuals. For now i am concentrated on creating basic robust character systems with accent on AI that will control complex procedural visuals, based on all sorts of characteristics, action, mood and ambient. Talking simply, i want to make it look and fell like it is alive and provide deep customization. I don't know how much time this will take until it will be look good enough and I will be satisfied with results, so i will add other content in parallel. This systems will become a base for all other content (from extremely adult to completely innocent) and story. What it will be look like in the end? I don't know actually, i want to do all and everything, but i think this is a thing that must be chosen by people who supports this project. In the end, this project must become a solid base for any user-configured scenario and character with wide modding support. About fetishes: well, almost everything is OK, except BBW, M/M (list can be continued based on current progress),so feel free to suggest. Current focus is M-F, so take it in mind when suggesting. System requirements: Windows 7-10 x64 GPU: almost any with 2gb VRAM and dx11 support for 30+fps gameplay. All other hardware not that important.

Aiee Story v0.0.2 from BoredMan
Aiee Story v0.0.2 from BoredMan
Aiee Story v0.0.2 from BoredMan
Aiee Story v0.0.2 from BoredMan
Aiee Story v0.0.2 from BoredMan
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