Download - Bending The Rules - Feature Showcase Version by AlmightySpoon

Author sashko | 13-01-2021, 13:13

Overview: Life is just started for you, you want to work hard to be able to put your hands on anything/anyone you want. With this kind of determination your pocket/bed will never be empty. With so many option what/who do you want to do first?​ Feature Showcase Version: -Mom added as a test character, but to see her incest option needs to be unlocked with code. -Mom can be found in the living room between 6:00 - 24:00. -Holding ctrl will start skipping the dialogues. -Pressing the middle mouse button hides the dialogues, needs to be cliked agen to continue. -If you stay in her room when she goes to sleep you will be kicked out. -Toilet peeking scene between 6:00 - 24:00, 70% chance to trigger. Frames changes while peeking and you can get caught if you stay too long. -Getting caught while peeking lowers and talking with her ones per day increases her affection, affection have no usage at the moment. -Working save system (if everything goes the way i want the save files will be compatible with the new versions). -You can spend time on your phone. -Traveling between locations takes time, it can be anything but 1 minute is the default right now. -Background changes depending on the time. -Event backgrounds affected by the time. -5 easter egg added (or hidden feature? i dont yet know if they can be called easter eggs.) -Right panel is for seeing characters around you, clicking on their picture starts interaction, it background's color changes depending on the game background. -Main Menu background hidden feature. -Notifications appears in the top left corner whenever you gain/lose stat or gain item in the future updates.

Bending The Rules - Feature Showcase Version by AlmightySpoon Bending The Rules - Feature Showcase Version by AlmightySpoon Bending The Rules - Feature Showcase Version by AlmightySpoon
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