Download - Zolvatory - Lost Case v1.1b - Monster Girl Takeover

Author Lumen | 1-02-2021, 12:32
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So what is "Lost Case - Monster Girl Takeover"? Lost Case - Monster Girl Takeover is an adult metroidvania game in a pixel art style to fulfill all your femdom needs. As the title already suggests, it is going to feature a lot of different monster girls! Later on we plan on having some exciting boss fights, way more opponents and a nice story to tell along with it. Oh and who could forget about the sex scenes of course! What is the story? It's about a detective who receives a mysterious call about strange happenings in a city far away. Upon getting there he realises that he might be in for more than he bargained for as the weirdly distorted city is full of monster girls all with their eyes set on him. It's up to you to not only survive, but push on further to uncover the truth about what has really been going on... Goals of the gameplay Explore a big, distorted city with enemies hunting you down from everywhere! Every enemy will have at least two 18+ scenes (For when you get caught and as a game over) that all feature small dialogues and some even choices for dialogues. A day & night system to open up different paths and change the way you have to approach the enemies. (No time passing, you can simply change it at a save point or it will happen automatically for certain events) Lots of power ups to open up new ways of traversing through the city! A mysterious story to piece together with secrets hidden all over that give you hints at what has really been going on even besides the main story.

Zolvatory - Lost Case v1.1b - Monster Girl Takeover
Zolvatory - Lost Case v1.1b - Monster Girl Takeover
Zolvatory - Lost Case v1.1b - Monster Girl Takeover
Zolvatory - Lost Case v1.1b - Monster Girl Takeover
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