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Author Lumen | 2-06-2020, 12:30

The High Priestess, symbol of the Goddess herself in the Confined Valley, has died, and the tribes must find her successor. Each of them must send a Candidate, a pure woman who just became of age, who will have to show talent for the arts of magic, combat, and love... And manages to get the others to accept her leadership. A text-based, erotic game combining elements from Dating Sims, RPGs, Choose Your Own Adventure Novels and Simulation based games, that puts its focus on creating an environment that pushes its characters to engage in rich, dynamic behavior to make them feel as alive as possible, evolving to the events developing around them - and shaping the world and others to fit their own goals and visions. The game is currently in development, and you will always have access to free to play versions, as well as Supporter versions if you give financial support to the project, which include debug tools to provide you a more sandboxy feel. Starting today, you can play the game's demo, featuring an introduction to the story, its world and its protagonists, as well as the sex scenes system. Look forward to v0.1, which will introduce daily life in the Valley, training and the first systems simulating the protagonists' relationships and personalities. In future versions, expect battle systems, sex-battle systems, and other features such as pacting with other Candidates or assaulting them, bondage equipment and more. Once the base elements of the game are in place, the protagonists will regularly embark in adventures to different parts of the Valley.

Deep Interactivity - Unholy Arts
Deep Interactivity - Unholy Arts
Deep Interactivity - Unholy Arts
Deep Interactivity - Unholy Arts
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