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Author Lumen | 20-09-2020, 13:36
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Frosh Life is a Visual Novel/Dating Sim/College Sim with adult content. The game takes place during your freshman year at Pornell University in the fictional city of Pornell. You play the main character, a 19 year old guy who leaves home to go to college. As luck would have it, you move into a dorm which you share with three girls. Your goal in the game is entirely up to you. Will you study hard to win the end-of-year scholarship? Will you practice hard to become the national college swimming champion? Will you take on part-time jobs to earn more money? Will you take the time to get the to know the people of Pornell? Or will you simply strive to have as much sex as humanly possible? Current features 5 in-game days of content (the beginning is pretty heavy on story). Build relations with classmates and dormmates. Experience the story, make choices with consequences large and small. Rewind if you regret a choice. Manage player statuses such as energy, social status and money. Water gun fight mini-game Explore different locations in the city of Pornell (current locations include dorms, campus, gym, and a store). Calendar to keep track of important dates and events. Help section that explains concepts in the game. And of course... sex! Currently includes handjob, blowjob and anal fingering. Planned features Two semesters of college - from the beginning of September to the end of May. Build relations and hook up with just about any girl that is in the game. Join the college swimming team and practice for the national college championships. Work part-time jobs to earn extra money. Study for courses and ace the exams. Image gallery (Patreon goal at $500 per month). More locations. More girls (play the game to see who is up next). More sex (many different kinds of fetishes)!

Sexy simulations - Frosh Life 0.6.1
Sexy simulations - Frosh Life 0.6.1
Sexy simulations - Frosh Life 0.6.1
Sexy simulations - Frosh Life 0.6.1
Sexy simulations - Frosh Life 0.6.1
Sexy simulations - Frosh Life 0.6.1
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