Download - Tiffany's Trap Version 1.3.6 by Bo Wei

Author Lumen | 4-12-2020, 12:18
New version

Overview: A game from Bo Wei.​ Tiffany's Trap Plus (1.3) ======================= - Added an alternative, more heroic route through the game: - Game route (Hero or Default) is decided by Bart's fate - NPC deaths can be avoided on this route - "NTR" can be mitigated on this route - Some Tiffany scenes play out differently - Some new scenes for Tiffany and others can be found - 4 new endings - Default route is mostly untouched, except: - Added more SFX/VFX to Kneejob scene - Tweaks to finding Jack (for Hero Route compatability) - Slightly adjusted/expanded endings - For both routes: - Slight combat adjustments and some new items - Added Brigand Queen and female brigands to Brigand Camp - Added small interaction at Mayor's House - There are now 11 endings in total - 6 main outcomes - 4 variations on main outcomes - 1 special 'secret' outcome ;) - System/Misc: - Lowered BGM volume - Enabled hiding message window (default key: Q) - Enabled text fast forward (default key: CTRL) - Fixed bandit's nonsensical hint re. Tiffany's location - Fixed being able to sleep through Bart's mission - Fixed wrong location when leaving Tiffany's house - Fixed infinite HP exploit - Various minor fixes

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