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Author sashko | 28-02-2020, 09:23
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Info: Cloud Meadow is a hybrid farming sim dungeon crawler, where the player can choose the solitude of a quiet sky high farm or the rushing adrenaline of a raging battle inside abandoned ruins, both of which benefit one another. Experience thrilling turn based combat versus a variety of enemies, using your own raised monsters, allies and an array of skills. Additions Homunculus Cat/Slasher boss has an improved set of abilities and is significantly harder Units that are ineligible to be added to the player's party will now have an indication why they are unavailable (previously they were just hidden) Changes Improved the look for the feeding window for monsters Wolf Rip & Tear will no longer jump an additional time if the target is dead Day time will still pass during combat, but slower and limited to 30 minutes. The player should no longer be yanked back to bed during combat. Fixes Fixed party followers not facing the direction of the jump, while jumping Fixed a z-sorting issue on Katarina Station Combat UIs should no longer overlap the inventory, hiding the Use button Prevented player sleeping in their bed before completing a tutorial day Prevented opening menu during sleep cycle Corrected issue with tooltips in player's wardrobe skill selection UI Fixed invisible/missing/incorrect combat units that would cause combat to halt Fio’s Spade Shield should no longer lock combat under certain circumstances Ev’s Rake Throw should work on any ally now Homunculus Cat/Slasher’s passive below 50% HP should no longer lock the fight Homunculus Cat passive should no longer spawn units even while dead Resolved issue where player was awarded additional items on exiting combat Resolved issue where combat would halt on Jaero's turn due to having no abilities Resolved issues with combat Forfeit button Better resolution scaling for farming tutorial prompts More robust farming tutorial will dialogue sequence Fixed Character in some dialogues being flipped the wrong way Fixed some colliders in Jaero’s shop Fixed Brontide’s collider in cloverton being his head rather than his feet Fixed some NPCs in cloverton being mispositioned. Fixed Nameplates being offset Fixed/Improved the farm intro sequence Fixed being able to move during the farm intro sequence Fixed bed animation being highlighted and the interaction bubbles showing while sleeping Fixed bad z-sorting on the farm Fixed bad z-sorting at Katarina Station Fixed some z-sorting on Savannah 1 Fixed some z-sorting on Savannah 2 Fixed some dialogue overflowing Fixed party followers spawning offscreen in the dungeon Fixed chests not you how much money you got Fixed one of the stones on Dungeon one not working correctly Fixed feeding window having weird numbers for the stats if the item Fixed the Pylon on Savannah 1, not having it’s interaction disabled after the first use. Fixed Brontide dialogue doubling Fixed an issue where dungeon followers had their colliders in the wrong place Fixed companions stat up increasing by large amounts if equipped with an item or fed. Fixed party followers shaking when always run is on, and you press shift Fixed artifacting in a variety of character animations Fixed Jubelle missing on the tutorial days Fixed Jubelle not walking away after the tutorial work was finished Fixed all the minor NPCs colliders being insanely small Fixed a z-sorting issue with a tree stump Fixed an issue where some items in dialogue wouldn’t display Fixed the top bar UI being visible during the end of the 3rd day dialogue Fixed bugs around Brontide following the player in the Union Outpost Fixed monsters not rendering as dungeon followers Fixed a jump pad not working correctly on Savannah 1 Fixed seed window and fertilizer window not scaling well at higher res

Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version Team Nimbus - Cloud Meadow InProgress Version
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