Download - Ravager Version 1.5 by 4MW

Author Henry | 4-05-2019, 14:32

V1.5, “Red Wyrmling” Dev Notes Compatible with save files from v1.4 and newer. The first round of commissions took longer than expected, so the majority will be added in 1.6. Features Female and male voice lines have been separated out into different channels, with their own sliders in the Preferences menu. Voice queueing and continuation has been improved. Vira’s character art added for Princess Adeline. This can be activated by setting Art Style to ‘Mixed’ and Side Images to ‘Always’ in the Preferences menu. Centaur voice acting added to the first part of the forest scene. Tweaks A switchable ‘Art Style’ option has been added to the Preferences menu. Select ‘Mixed’ to see Vira’s character art. The layout of the Preferences menu has been improved. Royal guards & Cove mercenaries have been visually differentiated. Guards & mercenaries are now a bit more expressive. The knight has been given a much-needed makeover. Green, orange, and purple? What were you thinking?? The abbess now looks a little more like her voice actress. Loops and breaks have been added to the more elaborate voice acted scenes, to improve flow. New framework added for the bukkake overlay. Numerous small improvements to Chapter 1 for handling side images. Fixes Fixed missing side portrait for Witch. Fixed missing side portrait for Knight. Fixed pathing after thief sisters encounter. Numerous typo and grammar fixes.

Ravager Version 1.5 by 4MW Ravager Version 1.5 by 4MW Ravager Version 1.5 by 4MW Ravager Version 1.5 by 4MW Ravager Version 1.5 by 4MW
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